6 best offline games like PUBG for your smartphones

hello, friends we all know that there are many peoples who are always finding the related game like PUBG for their smartphones because the pubg was high space needed game. so here we are come up with some of the best offline games like PUBG

best offline games like PUBG
best offline games like PUBG

#1 ScarFall

ScarFall is steadily climbing the popularity ladder in the Battle Royale world. Like PUBG, the game has a good collection of guns and scopes that players can use to take out enemies. Players have the option to customize the look of their character using skins and accessories. The title stands out in the crowd as it has a cool feature that allows players to re-spawn up to three times.

#2 Blood Rivals

The gameplays of PUBG and Blood Rivals have many similarities. Like any other Battle Royale game, players will have to search for weapons and supplies in shelters as soon as they land. Players can use vehicles, like trains, cars, helicopters, etc., to escape enemies. If the players manage to survive till the end, they will be conferred the title of “THE FATHER.

#3 Offline Fire

The battle-royale match of this title lasts for a short period of time and can have a maximum of 25 players. Like PUBG, this game also offers other modes. Players can unlock characters as they progress in the game. The title offers 21 skins. Players can use them to change the appearance and the ability of their character.

#4 Swag Shooter

As the name suggests, this battle-royale title will be played online likewise as offline. While looking for supplies, you’ll be able to also obtain scopes, such as you did in PUBG Mobile Lite, and equip your gun so you’ve got a more robust aim while shooting your enemies. You don’t even need to worry about space for storing because the game is barely 168 MB in size.

#5 Free Survival Battleground Fire: Battle Royale

Free Survival Battleground Fire has survival shooting as its core theme just like PUBG Mobile Lite. the sport is about within the warfare era when unrest is at an all-time high. You will have many missions to fulfill during this fast-paced, action-induced title. On top of that, the download size is simply 89 MB.

#6 PVP Shooting Battle 2020 

There are over 20 offline missions that you simply can enjoy ticking off your list during this title. After completing the single-player campaigns, you’ll also play it online together with your friends. You will also get access to new missions with the weekly update. The controls are very easy to understand, especially if you’ve got PUBG Mobile Lite.

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