(Amitbhai (Desi Gamers) vs/ Sooneeta) Free Fire ID comparison, youtube subscibers & viwes and all

Here in this article we are talking about the free fire id comparison of the youtubers (Amitbhai (Desi Gamers) vs/ Sooneeta) it might be the most best free fire id comparison. So are you guys ready to know that which of your favorite youtuber have more better free fire id status , youtube subscribers status , views status on youtube.

#1 youtube subscribers comparison

Amitbhai (Desi Gamers)Sooneeta
total: 9.27M subscribers on their channeltotal: 3.95M subscribers on their channel

#2 free fire id comparison of the youtubers

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 206746194.

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID and stats
Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID and stats: Amitbhai (Desi Gamers) vs/ Sooneeta

Amitbhai has 2215 Booyahs in 8081 squad matches, coming down to a win ratio of 27.40%. He has racked up 21055 kills and has upheld a K/D ratio of 3.59.

He has engaged in 4291 duo games and has stood victorious in 741 of them, equating to a win percentage of 17.26%. The YouTuber has 11329 frags with a K/D ratio of 3.19.

Desi Gamers has played 3379 solo games and has remained unbeaten on 276 occasions, approximating a win rate of 8.16%. He has eliminated 7624 foes and has a K/D ratio of 2.46.

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID and stats

Her Free Fire ID is 131311296.

Sooneeta's Free Fire ID and stats
Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID and stats

Sooneeta has competed in 19713 squad games and has a win tally of 4540, retaining a win percentage of 23.03%. She has killed 46389 enemies with a K/D ratio of 3.06.

The e-sport athlete has played 1876 duo matches and bettered her foes in 290 of them, converting to a win rate of 15.45%. In the process, she has bagged 3387 eliminations at a K/D ratio of 2.14.

The content creator has appeared in 881 solo games and has come out on top on 63 occasions, which comes down to a win ratio of 7.15%. With a K/D ratio of 1.68, she has 1371 frags.

Amitbhai (Desi Gamers)Sooneeta
total views: 1,140,579,075 views total views: 293,337,460 views

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