Battlegrounds Mobile India Related All Questions/Ans (Inventory,Rp Works?)

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Battlegrounds Mobile India is an officially authorized combat and survival mobile game that based on the popular battle royale concept where 100 players parachute into an island and battle with each other till the last man standing. It has been developed and published by Krafton with help from partners across the globe for the aspect of development, engineering, customer service, esports, marketing, and payment partners. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience from KRAFTON, players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-based or even one-on-one. Featuring diverse maps with different terrains on a virtual setting, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA utilizes the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound, to build a truly immersive experience on a mobile phone

Rules regarding OTP Authentication?

How many times a user can enter a Verify code: 3 times
Valid time to input a Verify code: 5 minutes
How many times a user can request a Verify code: If the user makes 10+ requests, the player is restricted for 24 hour
Up to 10 accounts can be registered for a phone number

How does RP work?

You can check Royale Pass rules in the following ways:
1. Tap the RP button on the right side of the Lobby screen.
2. Tap the question mark (?) button right next to the ROYALE PASS logo.

There are several questions aren’t mentioned in the game:

1. When will the Royale Pass expire?
Every season the Royale Pass will expire at the end of the season.

2. Can I keep those items from Royale Pass after the season is over?

The items you get from Royale Pass are permanent except for the consumables like Room Cards.

3. Will RP points reset when the Pass expires?
Yes. Please use the RP points to redeem the rewards via the Redemption page before Pass expired.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Crates and Coupons?

There’re three kind of Crates and Coupons in game:
1. Premium Crate (Can be opened by using Premium Crate Coupon or UC);
2. Classic Crate (Can be opened by using Classic Crate Coupon or UC);
3. Supply Crate (Can be opened by using Supply Crate Coupon or UC).

1. Premium Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Premium Crate Coupon Scraps) ;
2. Classic Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps);
3. Supply Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Supply Crate Coupon Scraps).

Crates can be opened by using corresponding Coupons or spending UC directly, the Scraps can be gained from some specific events or opening the Crates.

How do I create a Custom room in BGMI?

The Custom Room function is only available after purchasing the Elite Royale Pass or being on a Clan with Level 2 or higher.

To create a Custom Room you will need a Room Card which you can obtain in 2 different ways:

1) From the Elite Royale Pass:
– Lv. 95 grants a 7-Day Room card.

*You can create an unlimited number of rooms until the duration of the Room Card(s) expires.

2) From the Clan Shop:
1. Tap [Clan] on the bottom left side of the Lobby Screen.
2. Tap [Shop].
3. Tap Room Card: 1-Use.
4. Purchase the Custom Room Card for 300 Clan Points.
*This Room Card is single use only and will disappear after being used.
3) From the Shop
Go to [SHOP] -> [Treasures]. You can find the room card in the list.

Why was my account banned?

Anti-Cheating System will always keep an eye on players’ behavior in-game strictly. Any rule violations in the game will be punished after detected by the system.

1. Use any cheating tools in the game;
2. Using any unauthorized 3rd-party program to log into the game that results in changing the client file data;
3. Any changes of client file data illegally, for example: Remove the grass or change the grass models in-game;
4. Use an unofficial game client to play the game.
5. Fraudulent players in the game or promote illegal information or websites may cause players to lose their accounts or lose money.
6. Team games with cheating teammates multiple times.
7. Use any unauthorized payment channel to recharge UC.
8. Team up with players in other team.

In addition,please download Battleground Mobile India from official store to play the game. Unofficial/Cracked game clients are not supported and will lead to your account being banned.

If the rule violation occurred after your account has been hacked and thus affecting the game or the other players’ rights, the penalty will be applied to your account regardless of who has been using it. We strongly suggest you do not share your account with other players to avoid the risk of being banned.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ranking rules ?

The ratings that you gain or lose after a match depend not only on the rank you achieved at the end of a match, but also on your rank of that specific game mode and the following parameters:

– Damage (the amount of damage you dealt to enemy players).
– Survival (the amount of time you stayed alive).
– Kills (the number of enemies killed).
– Heal / Support (the amount of health you healed and the help you provided to your teammates, like reviving).
– Supplies (the amount of supplies you picked up around the map).

Demotion (End of Season)
At the end of each season, players will be demoted so they can start anew, earning new rewards and reach higher ranks with each new season.

Check your rank in your profile. Information on different modes and servers are displayed separately. You can switch modes and servers under your avatar.

What are the rules about rating protection card in BGMI ?

1. Rating Protection Cards will only be able to get as Royale Pass Rewards for everyone who reaches the corresponding RP level.

2. There are 2 kinds of it: Rating Protection Card (Duration) and Rating Protection Card (Uses). You can choose to activate/deactivate the Card in Inventory by tapping it in the Inventory. An activated icon will be displayed on the left side of your avatar once it is activated in the lobby (Like the 2x Exp Card).

3. When it is activated, it will protect your rating from being deducted.

4. Rating Protection Card is only effective under the Tier Crown(Tier Crown included).

How to create a new account in Battlegrounds Mobile India ?

If you wish to create a new account, you can do so by following the steps:

1. Logout from your Social Media account via the Social Media application.
2. Restart the game, tap on the Social Media you wish to create your new account on and login with a new Social Media Account that has never been linked to Battleground Mobile India
3. Select your gender.
4. Edit your appearance.
5. Tap on the nickname box and enter your desired nickname
*Please note that the game will automatically input your Facebook name as the player’s nickname if you are using Facebook. However, you may change the name when you are in the creation interface by tapping on the nickname.
6. After confirming all the above, tap on Create.

*Please note that duplicate nicknames are not allowed, if it shows that the nickname is taken, please choose another nickname.

Why my Prime/Prime Plus subscription shows not activated after I purchased successfully in BGMI?

Network issues or latency can sometimes cause a delay in activating the Prime/Prime Plus, we request you to wait for 12-24 hours to ensure that your purchase is successfully delivered to the account. If you have already waited for 24 hours or more but the Prime/Prime Plus still not activated, please do not hesitate to contact us via customer service and provide us the specific screenshots of the receipt and purchasing time, we will have an investigation on it and get back to you asap.

Can I share the activated Prime/Prime Plus with another social account/character in BGMI?

No, You can only have one Prime/Prime Plus subscription on your character/account. If you want to subscribe to Prime/Prime Plus for another account/character, please use the other account to purchase another Prime/Prime Plus.

Can I regain the subscription items if I missed the login time in BGMI?

Yes ,you can regain the subscription rewards of up to five previous days. Any unclaimed rewards beyond five days will be refreshed automatically.

I didn’t receive the Bonus after purchasing Prime Plus in BGMI ?

Network issues or latency may cause the delay in receiving the Prime Plus Bonus, we sincerely suggest you to wait for 12-24 hours to ensure that the Bonus is successfully delivered to your account or you can check your in game email box to see if the Bonus was successfully issued. (You need to collect the Bonus by yourself in Subscription page) If you have already waited for 24 hours or more but didn’t receive the Bonus , please do not hesitate to contact us via customer service and provide us the specific screenshots of the receipt and purchasing time, we will have an investigation on it and get back to you asap.

Login Failure in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

We are sorry to hear that you are having the trouble in logging in due to poor internet connection. We suggest playing the game at locations with stable internet. We also recommend trying the following:

1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection (Cellularor Wi-Fi).
2. Change your internet connection to vs. Wi-Fi.
3. Please kindly make sure that your account is not in the status of banned.
4. Log out of your account, exit the game and clear some storage on your device, then log in again. Before logging out, please note that if you are playing as guest, logging out might erase your progress.
5. Tap the Repair Button on the right side of the Login page to repair Battleground Mobile India
6. Download and install the game again. (Before deleting the game, please note that if you are playing as a guest, deleting the game might erase your progress. You can link your guest account to a social media account to keep your progress)

Server does not respond / Server failure in BGMI?

This issue usually occurs when the connection is unstable or when the signal is too weak. Please try the following to fix it:

1. Change your connection method to Cellular vs. Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi preferably), or avoid regions with heavy network traffic.
2. End all the other applications in the background and restart the game.
3. Restart your phone and connection to try again.

If your ping is around 360-369ms, then it becomes a Server Not Responding issue.

How do I gift Items in BGMI?

To send a gift, please proceed as follows:

1. Go to [Shop].
2. On the right side you have 3 Tabs in which you may gift Items from:
– [Limited Time], [Outfits] and [Others].
3. Tap on the Tab and then the Item you wish to gift.
4. Tap on the [Gift Box] icon on the left side of the [Buy Now] button.
5. Choose the friend you wish gift the item to and tap [Give].

Please note:
– You cannot gift Clothes/Items that you already own and have in your inventory.
– You can only gift clothes/Items that you buy with UC.
– On the [Others] Tab you can only Gift Crate Coupon Scraps.

How do I use Emotes in BGMI?

You may use Emotes both in the Lobby and In-Game.

To use emotes while in the Lobby, tap on the Emotes Button at the bottom right and choose the emote you wish to use.

To use emotes while In-Game, tap on the Emotes Button at top right of the screen next to the map and choose the emote you wish to use.

Please note that you start only with three standard emotes, however you can unlock more by doing the following:

– Playing the Free Royale Pass: Some levels provide you with an Emote as a reward.
– Buying and Playing the Elite Royale Pass: You will find various Emotes available as rewards throughout the levels.

Why does my game crash?

Crashes are usually due to internal storage issues. Please try the following:
1. Exit the game, free up some memory on your device and restart the game.
2. Uninstall some apps you do not need in your device to free up internal storage.
3. Make sure your device is compatible with the minimum system and RAM requirement. For more information, go to FAQ->System.
4. Click the Repair Button on the right side of Login screen to repair Battleground Mobile India
5. Download and install the game again.

How do I change my name in BGMI?

You can change your in-game Nickname by using a [Rename Card]. You can obtain a [Rename Card] for free or purchase in the [SHOP].

1.You can obtain a [Rename Card] through Missions, Events for free.
-Completing the lv 3 and lv.10 Progress Missions to get a [Rename Card].
-Pay attention to other missions or events which may has a reward of [Rename Card] as of current or in the future.

2.You can purchase the [Rename Card] in the Shop.
-Go to [SHOP] -> [Treasures]. You can find the [Rename Card] in the list.

*You can only change your nickname once per day and the “Rename Card” will disappear from your account once used. You will have to obtain another one for further name changes.

How to download new map in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

To reduce the size of our app, we have made Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi(beta) separate downloads in the latest version of our game.

To download a map, please proceed as follows:
1. Go to the Matchmaking Menu under the [Start] button.
2. Tap [Download] to get the new map that you want to play.
3. Tap [OK].

While trying to download a new map, please ensure that:
– The map is saved to the device but not on an SD card.
– There is enough storage space on the device (at least 4GB).
– You have a strong and stable Wi-Fi internet connection (use a different connection if the issue persists).
– The device is not performing other tasks while the map is being downloaded.
– The device’s operating system is up to date.

Why am I experiencing frame drop?

We are sorry to hear that you’re experiencing frame drop during the game. Below are the advises for your quick reference:
When the battery is low, the frame rate will drop, resulting in lag and frame drop. Please recharging your phone and try again.

Please avoid playing the game when your phone is overheating. The device’s Temperature Control will be triggered when the phone is overheating, which will decrease the frame rate and create the game graphic lag. Also, it’s not recommended to play the game while the phone is being charged.

Please avoid running too many apps at the same time while playing the game. When there are too many processes running on the backstage, the graphic might get stuck/lag. You may try to close all processes and restart the phone.

Please setup proper graphic settings according to your device. If you set a higher graphic settings beyond the hardware capability of your device, it will cause your game to lag.

Pay attention to the signal in bottom left while you are in a match or during server selection. The yellow or red signal means your ping is high. In this case, you may try to switch your internet connection to Wi-Fi or 4G, or change the graphic settings back to default settings.

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