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Best free games like Minecraft under 300 MB

This post is regarding the players who want to change their game-play, as well as they also want the features o the game similar to Minecraft. In this post, we are going to tell you about the Best free games like Minecraft under 300 MB

Best free games like Minecraft under 300 MB

 Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free

Players have the liberty to create custom blocks in Block Craft 3D. Like Minecraft, this title also features block-like characters who can engage in various activities like building houses, castles, etc. Right at the start, players need to pick a character as per their choice. They can also use the blocks provided by the game or sell their creation to receive gems in return.

Size: 59 MB

Earth Craft

Gamers can also explore the map of this game whenever they want. This game gives its players the chance to build various buildings and structures as Minecraft does. Earth Craft has easy controls and simple graphics, which is liked by many mobile gamers. Players can also engage in simple activities like hunting and fishing.

Size: 77 MB


In Creative mode, players can create various structures. As well as in the Survival mode, players have to perform a hunter’s role and put an end to the dangerous enemies prowling about. In LokiCraft, players can gather the blocks and resources available to build unique buildings and various tools and weapons, as they did in Minecraft. There are two modes, Creative mode and Survival mode.

Size: 43 MB

Super Crafting and Building 2020

The game also has survival elements, and players will have to defeat zombies, monsters, etc. Players will be provided with the necessary equipment for building their dream world, like Minecraft. If they are successful in fighting off evil creatures, they will be rewarded with valuable resources. Super Crafting and Building 2020 also features friendly mobs like farm animals that players can befriend.

Size: 80 MB

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