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Best Landing Zones in PUBG Battlegrounds

Landing Zones in PUBG
Landing Zones in PUBG

Southwest of Lipovka (G4:L5)

If it’s a peaceful landing you’re after, this sleepy cluster of houses nestled a short jog away from Lipovka offers the perfect spot. Best Landing Zones in PUBG Battlegrounds Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll find any high-powered weapons or armor inside.

It’s almost guaranteed to contain at least one firearm to get you started. From here, you’re free to adapt your plan accordingly.

By either heading up to Lipovka in the northeast or by checking out the crater to the southwest. Landing Zones in PUBG. more

North of Stalber (F4:I5)

Occasionally the plane will skip the majority of the island and miss most of the more lucrative spawn points. If that happens along the northern or eastern edge.

Choosing to jump out at this unassuming cluster of buildings north of Staler is a good plan.

Because these buildings are so close to the coastline, most players will overlook them.

Making the potential loot inside almost entirely uncontested.

Geogopol shipping yard (B10:K7)

This shipping yard located at the mouth of the river in the western town of Geogopol is a fan favorite thanks to it’s desirable military-grade loot spawns, it’s close proximity to built up urban areas that are likely to be full of extra loot spawns, and it’s high number of entry points which makes it easier to get in and out without being attacked.

School south of Rozhok (E1:L2)

Another highly contested area, this school acts as a natural congregation spot for many players due to its central location on the map.

The school also boasts a large number of potential military-grade gear spawns, making it a hotbed of activity throughout the early game. Vehicle spawns are dotted all around this focal point too, making it the ideal spot to land for someone willing to risk the odds

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