Best Mobs for XP in Minecraft

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Best Mobs for XP in Minecraft


The Wither is pretty difficult to beat, but it drops 50 XP orbs upon death. The Wither is another powerful mob within Minecraft. The wither is spawned using three wither skulls and a soul sand. The Wither is not the strongest, but it still possesses some power!

Baby Zombie

Baby Zombies are found a lot in caves and also just wandering around the world at night. The baby zombie is just a cute little tiny version of the original-sized zombie, but beware; they are not as cute and tiny on the inside as they look on the outside. Players will probably see one baby zombie every night, but probably never a full group of them. Baby Zombies aren’t seen very often.

The Baby Pig Zombie

Baby Pig Zombies are only found in the Nether, and most likely found in a group of other pigmen. The Baby Pig Zombie is a pretty lethal mob in Minecraft. The pig drops 20 XP orbs upon death just like the Ravager, but the catch with this mob is that when the pig zombie is killed, the entire crew of zombie pigmen will come too.

The Ravager

Ravager will usually come in the third, fifth, and seventh waves of the raid. The Ravager has a very big health bar though, so players should be careful when going up against it. The Ravager is a large mob in Minecraft that typically spawns during raids and drops 20 XP orbs upon defeat. In order to start a raid, players will need to kill the guardian at a Pillager post and obtain the bad omen. Once obtaining the bad omen, the player will need to enter an occupied village and the raid will initiate.

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