Best texture pack ideas from Reddit for Minecraft

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Best texture pack ideas from Reddit for Minecraft

Huge Variant Pack

This texture pack aims to create a different look for each animal, depending on which biome or area they’re in. Redditor u/tipoudi is working on a large variant texture pack. The texture pack is still in development, but u/tipoudi will release it on the Reddit forums when finished with the development. While the Reddit post detailing it included 11 pictures featuring mobs players all know and love in a new light.

Pixelated Pack

Redditor u/CYPEKrOwn is working on a new pixelated texture pack. The Redditor says the pack will be released and ready for download in the coming few weeks. While this user is a newer and underrated contributor on the subreddit and claims to have a much more active Minecraft influence on their Twitter account. They’ve previously created an older pixelated pack, but this is the new and updated version.

Next Gen Minecraft

The user is a well-respected Minecraft artist and even has a website.  Redditor u/Dmitriy_DG3D has been working on a Next-Gen Minecraft Stylized Resource Pack these past few months. He has been creating on the r/Minecraft subreddit for quite some time now. In this gorgeous render, the magma and ores are so 3D realistic players will feel like they could touch them.

Devorian Steampunk Texture Pack

This pack is a huge change from vanilla Minecraft. U/Dark_Sheep_studio is the official Reddit account for an indie development studio from the Czech Republic, which created the Devorian Steampunk Texture Pack. The developers are still adding textures to certain items and blocks, with the goal of five new textured items each month. It has a much more realistic take on the world and adds lighting and shader effects to the game.

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