Best landing spots with good loot in Free Fire

Hello friends here in this article we are going to tell you about those places which have the most loot in so that the players can easily get their favorite loot there which helps the player to win the game so let us start the article and let us get known those landing spots with good loot

landing spots with good loot
landing spots with good loot

Cape Town

Cape Town is located on the far-east side of the Bermuda map and is very safe. Likewise, the town has closely placed houses and ample cover. The place also provides ample loot and low landing rate. Moreover, its in the extreme corner, making it one of the safest spots in the game. This is the perfect start for a passive player.


The Outpost is located on the far west side of the Bermuda map. It is designed like a abandoned military base with a forest covered area. This zone is the safest in this list, as it is ignored by most of the players. However, this zone contains a ample amount of shotguns and LMGs. But, players need to travel to a different location, in order to find good armor.


The Observatory is located on the left side of the Bermuda map. While the loot is spread across the area and is usually enough for an entire squad. Players can also find a vehicle in the area to cut the rotations to the safe zone.

world-famous spot Mill

The mill is one of the best locations to find great loot on the Bermuda map. It is at the top-right corner of the map and has limited compounds, where the loot is usually concentrated. Like in Mars Electric, players will find a Vending Machine in this location. The loot in this area will be sufficient for an entire team. Players can consider landing in the blue area as it provides them with high-tier loot. It attracts a lot of users, so players have to be careful when landing there.

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