Creepiest Pokemon in the game-play

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Creepiest Pokemon in the game-play


The Froslass is said to become very fond of beautiful objects, Pokemon, and people. Froslass is another Ghost-type Pokemon with horrifying personality details. She steals them, freezes them, and leaves them in her lair as statues. That is its goal in life. Or, well, death. Froslass is very elegant in appearance and in battle.


Mimikyu comes with creepy unknown factors as well. That is literally a part of its Pokedex entries. It wears a disguise that resembles a Pikachu. That is because if someone sees what it really looks like, they will die in a very painful manner. Nobody knows what Mimikyu looks like under the cloth of the Pikachu costume.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is so creepy. The life-like version in Detective Pikachu only cemented this fact. Just looking at it has made generations of Pokemon fans shudder in terror. It is also a mime who talks. And if someone interrupts its act, it will smack the life out of them. It is the only Pokemon to truly resemble a human, making fans wonder how exactly it came to be.


A lot about Cubone is unknown. What is known is that all of them wear the skull of their mother. Cubone is often seen as one of the cute and cuddly Pokemon. It is pretty creepy, though. How does it get the skull? Does it wait for its mother to decay? Does it rip it out after it passes away? The what-ifs regarding Cubone are what make it a creepy creature.


Children in the Pokemon universe grab onto Drifloon. Drifloon then floats off with the child and they are never seen again. That is terrifying. This ghost balloon is especially creepy. Balloons are a very common item for children to be excited about. They all love holding a balloon and showing it off. That is where Drifloon comes into play.

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