Fire Pokémon from Johto which are disliked

There are a lot of Pokémon’s which are disliked by the players and are usually wastes in the game-play. So this post is regarding the information about the Fire Pokémon from Johto which are disliked. The Fire-type category gives fans the likes of Ho-Oh, Blaziken, Heatran, and of course Charizard. Fire-type Pokemon are considered to be the strongest and most popular of all the types in the franchise. When Johto was introduced to the series, trainers were excited to travel to a new region.

Fire Pokémon from Johto which are disliked


In fact, some trainers just wish it went straight from one to three.

Rather than taking a short stop with Quilava. They hated the fact that there was a wait between the cuteness of Cyndaquil and the strength of Typhlosion. No one ever talks about the middle evolution in the family, Quilava. Everyone loves Cyndaquil and the power that comes from Typhlosion.


Slugma, on the other hand, is a complete waste. Slugma’s evolution, Magcargo, is a solid Fire/Rock-type Pokemon with decent Special Attack and Special Defense. The only way to obtain Magcargo in Generation II Johto is via Slugma evolution.

Which made fans reluctantly grind the creature until it evolved. It has an amazing base Defense of 120, though. With the right training, while Magcargo can be an absolute tank. Its base Defense is 40 and doesn’t evolve until level 38.


The introduction of Baby Pokemon was seemingly split right down the middle in terms of acceptance. Others thought they were absolutely stupid and unnecessary. Magmar was a super-powerful creature in Generation I.

And fans were dumbfounded to see Baby Pokemon not just created but made a pre-evolution for some existing creatures. For Magby, many fell on the latter side of things. Some fans thought they were a cute addition to the series.

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