Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Top 3 Hunters

Fortnite has had much collaboration in its current season; these collaborations introduce a lot of new skins and other cosmetic items that players can use in-game. Chapter 2 Season 5

Chapter 2 Season 5
Chapter 2 Season 5

The user uploaded a picture back in December, with clues about a list of hunters coming to Fortnite in season 5. A recent tweet from an account @Squatingdog has sent the internet into frenzy when it comes to Fortnite. The face paint in the right corner was indicative of Kratos. The mud sheet right behind the face paint hinted at the Predator because that’s what the creature uses to keep itself hidden. When looking closely at these photos, fans will notice that some of the hunters mentioned in the photo have already arrived in-game.


The ant farm in the picture could be hinting at Ant-Man. This is another Marvel character that may arrive in the game. There aren’t pop culture icons related to ants, so there’s a good chance of an Ant-Man themed skin soon arriving in Fortnite.


This individual isn’t a hunter, but is definitely a pop culture icon. The boxer had a “never give up” attitude in the movie and could be a good addition to the game. The ever last tapes in the picture could be hinting at a possible Rocky Balboa collaboration with Fortnite.

The Matrix

On closer inspection, there’s a packet of red and blue pills on the table. The red pill signifies a life-altering but uncomfortable truth, while the blue pill signifies blissful ignorance. This is a reference to the Matrix. If the skin does arrive, it’ll probably be designed on Neo, Morpheus, or Trinity. Players in Fortnite may not have the choice, but the presence of this item hints at the arrival of Matrix-themed skin in Fortnite.

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