Fortnite IO Operative’s Computer Location

Currently, we are in the Week8 of Fortnite Chapter2 Season7, and here we have another quest like all the other quests is to interact with an IO operative computer.

In this article, you will find all the locations where the IO operative computer is located in Fortnite to complete this quest challenge.

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IO Operative’s Computer Location

Completing this challenge isn’t a difficult task, and you will find a computer in every single dish location on the map. The good news is you can locate 3 computers in the Corny Complex. The exact location is already marked on the below map.

IO Operative’s Computer Location

To complete the challenge you have to drop down and you will be sent into an IO location from a tunnel. Once you’re through the first set of doors, you need to go right and up the first set of stairs on the right and into the first room you see. In that room, a computer will be available so you have to interact with it.

For completing this challenge you have to interact with only one player and you will win 30,000XP.

Note: Before interacting try to collect some weapons first of all so that you could finish the enemies who are trying to finish you.

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