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Fortnite: Where To Place Cow Decoys In Farms

After the 1st week of Season7 Chapter 2, every Wednesday Epic Games is releasing Legendary Quests. To unlock more customizations for Kymera battle pass skin you will need Alien Artifact locations. In this article, you will find all the locations where cow decoys are available on the farms. This will be useful to complete the required challenges.

This season we have already seen lots of challenges that look like a story, and there is a chance that we may get a live event by the end of this event. In this season Cow Decoys has been used for other challenges along with Legendary Challenges. You can place the Cow Decoys at Hayseed’s farm.

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You have to place three cow decoys in farms, and they must be placed close to one another. The total number of cow decoys you have to find and place on the farm is only three. And the good news is you have more than ten locations.

By following the below map locations you will be able to easily spot these locations. This map has been shared by a famous YouTuber Perfect Score.


Hope this article is enough to guide you in finding all the locations of Cow Decoys. If you have any query please drop them in the comments below.

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