Free Fire Dragon Master Bundle Event (Get Dragon Master Bundle For Free)

Today a new event in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX has arrived called Free Fire Dragon Master where we can earn some weapon skin, voucher and a premium looking Dragon Master Bundle for free. I will be giving a technique due to which you can grab the bundle in minimum diamonds, if you are not doing it you will spend even more diamond for the same thing.

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EventDragon Master Bundle
Start DateOctober 13
End DateOctober 19

FF Dragon Master Event Rules

  • The event will start on October 13 and end on October 19
  • After a spin, you can claim the drawn reward by continuing the next spin at the original price
  • You can also trade in the current reward for a discounted spin. Traded items will be lost.

How To Claim Dragon Master Bundle In Less Diamond?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Click on the Dragon Master Bundle banner

Click on the Dragon Master Bundle banner

Step 3: Click on Spin 💎 (The first spin is for free)

Step 3: Click on Spin 💎 (The first spin is for free)

Step 4: You will one random reward (If you want to keep the items click on Claim, otherwise click on Trade For Discount to get discount on next spin)


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This is how you can save your diamonds and claim the bundle with minimum diamonds. If you have any query about the event or bundle, please let me know in the below comments. Every week and every month a new event arrives in the game, so to stay updated with those events, you can bookmark our website.

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