8 June OB28 Free Fire Patch Note: Rampage Event (New Character, New Pet, Gun)

Free Fire OB28 Update Patch Note: Free Fire OB28 update is coming and the game is gone under maintenance break time, after which you will see many changes in new stuff to the game such as character, pet, lobby, and much more. Players are not able to log in to the game from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM because the game is under construction.

If you are thinking someone has got your Free Fire account or it is banned then don’t worry about it because developers are doing changes to the game due to which you can’t access until the update is completed. Let us have a look at the changes you will be seeing once the game is updated and available for playing.

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 7: Finally the Clash Squad Season 7 is here, where players can Rank up to Gold III or above it to receive the Clash Squad Exclusive items such as The Golden M1014.

In clash Squad, a new rank has been added “Grandmaster”, where players have to challenge themselves to be in the top 1000 Heroic Players so that they could win the Grandmaster Badge. According to New Rank, Top 1000 Heroic players will now be promoted to the Grandmaster badge.

  • Grandmaster I: Top 1-100 Players
  • Grandmaster II: Top 101-300 Players
  • Grandmaster III: Top 301-1000 Players

2. Battle Royale

Vending Machine: Loot and Purchase Limit Adjustment

After this update players will get more items into the vending machine so it has enough items to support battle needs. Free Fire devlopers are adding personal purchase limits on some of the consumables and more valuable items to avoid players stacking up utilities in the end-game.

  • Added Ammo and Armor Repair Kit in the Vending Machine.
  • Increased purchase limit on some items.
  • Optimized the loot on the ground so it does not overlap with the vending machine.

Revival Points: Difficulty Adjustment

Reviving teammates via the revival points is not as challenging as hoped it would be. That’s why they are raising the difficulty of capturing the revival points to make sure each revive in the Battle Royale comes with a cost.

  • Time to capture the revival point: 14s->33s
  • Revival Point cooldown: 150s->180s.
  • Revival Points per game: 9->8

Rank Points Adjustment: Points Output Adjustment

Ever since the game introduced the revival system in Rank Mode, game developers have realized that the difficulty to get rank points became significantly harder because opponents now have opportunities to return to the battlefield. So after this patch update, you are going to see an increase in the total rank points output by a lot to ensure the overall difficulty in ranking up is slightly lower than before.”

3. Training Grounds

Map and Mini Games Update

After this June 8 patch of Free Fire, you will be getting more new features in the Training Grounds which have been added on the basis of players’ feedback. The capacity of the Training Grounds is increased so players can hang out with more players. A few social features including Emojis, a Combat Zone leaderboard, and a lap timer in the race track.

  • Increased the capacity of the Training Grounds from 20->25
  • Added Air Ship in the social zone, enter the airship via the portal next to the fountain.
  • Added Bumper Cars in the Race Track.
  • Added a lap timer in the Race Track.
  • Added a Leaderboard in the combat zone.

4. Pet Rumble

Matchmaking, New Minigame, and New Skill Available.

Pet Rumble’s early access was really well received by the players in the last patch, and after this patch, this mode will be available to all players via matchmaking so everyone can queue up and enjoy it! In addition, 4 minigames have been added.

  • Matchmaking available on 06/09.
  • 4 new mini-games added to scientists’ tasks.
  • New Skill – “Trap” available for the pranksters.

5. Weapon and Balance

New Grenade – Ice Grenade (In Battle Royale & Clash Squad)

Introducing the Ice Grenade, a utility grenade that will explode and leave an aura that deals damage over time after the explosion. The Ice Grenade will be a good tool to force enemies to move out of their cover.

  • Explosive Damage: 100
  • Explosion Radius: 5m
  • Ice Frost Radius: 5m
  • Ice Frost Duration: 10s
  • Deep Freeze- Players inside Ice Frost will reduce 10% movement speed, 20% rate of fire, and receive 5~10 damage/s based on the duration inside the Ice Frost. Ice Frost will affect allies.

New Weapon – Mini UZI (In Battle Royale & Clash Squad)

Introducing a new secondary weapon – Mini UZI. The Mini UZI is a first secondary weapon with the SMG ammo. With its high rate of fire and accuracy, the Mini UZI can be extremely cost efficient in close quarter combat.

  • Base Damage: 17
  • Rate of Fire: 0.055
  • Magazine: 18
  • Attachments: none


The M1917 performed below expectation due to its inconsistent damage in mid-range. We are giving the M1917’s minimum damage a slight buff to make sure it performs closer to other weapons with a similar price.

  • Minimum damage: 36->45
  • Effective Range: +25%


They are giving the Kord a small buff because it was performing significantly worse than other LMGs. They are also giving Kord’s Machine Gun Mode a bit more rate of fire to make sure it can be more viable in mid-to-short range combats against SMGs.”

  • Accuracy: +28%
  • Rate of fire in Machine Gun Mode: +25%
  • Damage Multiplier to Gloo Wall, Oil Barrel, and Vehicles: +100->+120%


The M60 did not perform as expected after we introduced the Machine Gun Mode in the previous patch. They are giving the weapon a more rate of fire in the Machine Gun Mode to make suppressing fire more viable.

  • Damage Machine Gun Mode: +5
  • Damage Multiplier to Gloo Wall, Oil Barrel, and Vehicles: +60%


The Kar98k is not commonly used at this moment because its damage output is not enough compared to all the long-range ARs. They are giving the Kar98k a small buff in this patch to make this sniper rifle more viable in long distances.

  • Damage to Arms and Legs: +25%
  • Damage to Body: -10%
  • Armor Penetration: 0%->+40%

6. Gameplay and System

Additional Utilities & Grenade Slot

It can be a bit difficult to swap around different types of grenades as we now have many different types of utilities in the game. By now players have the option to add other grenade slots on the HUD for players to swap and use different types of grenades faster. They will also get a new setting of “Two Grenade Slots” which will be available in the settings menu.

In-Game Voice Commands

In the last patch update of free fire, a Quick Message has been added, but it has an issue that the game was not able to recognize the sound properly. So by now, they are adding voiceovers into the quick commands this patch to make communications more straightforward and understandable.

7. Characters and Pets

New Character: D-Bee (Coming Soon)

D-Bee, a dancer and a music creator with Bullet Beats coming into the game. D-Bee becomes increasingly focused with higher accuracy and he gets extra movement speed while firing.

When Bullet Beats is firing while moving, movement speed increases by 5/7/9/11/13/15%, accuracy increases by 10/13/17/22/28/35%.

New Pet – Dr. Beanie (Coming Soon)

It is a new character in which, when the player is in crouch position, movement speed increases by 30/40/60%.

Paloma (Ammo Type Adjustment)

Paloma is now the real queen of arms. Arms Dealing Now works with ALL ammo types except for 40mm Ammo. 30/60/90/120/150/180->45/60/75/90/105/120 will not take up inventory space.

Clu (Scan Radius Adjustment)

Clu’s skill did not provide enough information to make it a skill worth bringing into battles. This patch, they are giving the radius of Tracing Steps a big bump so it can be more consistent in finding your surrounding enemies.”

Tracing Steps:

  • Scan Radius: 30/35/40/40/45/50m->50/55/60/65/70/75m
  • Scan Duration: 5/5.5/6/6/6.5/7s->5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5s
  • CD: 50s-> 75/72/69/66/63/60s
  • Enemy positions are shared with teammates at level 4->1

Laura (Accuracy Multiplier Adjustment)

Sharpshooter did not provide enough accuracy to make a significant difference in gameplay. They will be giving this skill a little buff so some weapons can be extremely accurate with the right attachments and skills combination. Sharpshooter- Accuracy increases by 10/14/18/22/26/30->10/13/17/22/28/35% while scoped in.

8. Optimization and Bug Fixes

  • The backpack can now be displayed in the lobby via the settings in the Vault.
  • Optimized the in-game item pinging feature.
  • Mode selection menu displays optimization.
  • Optimized animation display for the Katana.
  • Optimized the background for the character page.
  • The level requirement will no longer be required when awakening a character.
  • Adjusted the stats display in Battle Royale and Clash Squad Rank Interface.
  • Optimized the buttons displayed on the in-game HUD.
  • Players can now toggle on/off the vending machine and revival points in the minimap.
  • Removed a bug where Clash Squad Rank Shield exceeds 100.
  • Players can now choose which rank to display in the Rank Interface.

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