Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: which one takes up lesser space on smartphones

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile
Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile

#1 System requirements and storage size for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

PUBG Mobile game description:

  • Android version: 6.1.1 and above
  • Ram: 2 GB (Recommended 3 GB)
  • Storage size: 2.37 GB (Varies on each device)
  • Processor: A decent processor, for example, Snapdragon 625 equivalent

Free Fire game description:

  • Download Size – 680MB
  • Operating System – Android 4.0.3
  • RAM – 1 GB (Recommended – 2 GB)
  • Processor – Mediatek MT6737M quad-core
  • Storage size: 910 MB (Varies on each device)

#2 Storage size of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

Previously, the download size of PUBG Mobile was around 1.8 GB on the Google Play Store. However, after the launch of the lightweight installation package, it’s currently around 660 MB on the Google Play Store.

Though it shows as a lightweight installation package, users must download a resource pack of 300 MB or 500 MB after installing PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store. Hence, the total file size will increase to more than 1 GB.

After the completion of the installation, players will have access to a number of additional resources (for example, Excitement resource pack, Vintage pack, etc.), which they must download. Players should also download and import any maps or modes that have not yet been installed.

Similarly, after installing Free Fire from the Google Play Store, there will be undisclosed download packages within the game. Post the initial 680 MB download (download size varies by device), players may need to download additional maps and game modes to conclude the installation process. After installing all of the maps and modes, the game will take up around 1 GB to 1.2 GB of storage space, which is pretty decent for a BR game on Android.


So in the end friends the comparison on Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: which one takes up lesser space on smartphones. we can say that free fire takes less space in comparison to the PUBG mobile.

So for those players who have the the smartphones with the lesser space have to chose the free fire for their smartphones.

And for those users who have the enough space as the requirements of pubg. will download and play PUBG as their game.

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