Free Fire Next Weapon & Diamond Royale Bundle (June 2021)

Free Fire knows how to keep their players engages with new features that’s why they keep on bringing awesome items in the form of the Luck Royale section that comes every month where you get skin, effects, new items, costumes, and much more useful things for limited period.

Before coming to the Indian server it gets available on other servers and when it is available on the Indian server it comes with some extra prizes which make the game much more interesting.

Free Fire Diamond Royale Bundle

In this Diamond Royale you will be getting two items one is a female bundle and the second is the male bundle. It is a duo bundle Royale so you will be getting the male as well as female royale bundle in the same package. It is expected that in India only the Male bundle will be available because currently in the diamond royale female bundle is going on.


The hairstyle of the male character is not much better whereas the costumes are amazing. But in the female character, both the dress and the style are super awesome. But with the complete bundle male character also looks better.

After comparison, both these bundles which one I like the more is female character because it is designed with stylish clothes and beautiful roses which looks beautiful.

It will be expire in only 5 days so make sure to grab before it gets expired.

Free Fire Weapon Royale Bundle

In this time Weapon Royale section is having the skin of Parafal gun which is going to expire in 3 days.


The second Weapon Royale you are going to get is AN94 which will expire in 33 days. The gun skin looks very pretty in comparison to other available guns. Currently, it is not having any attribute but I think when it will be available on the Indian server it might have some attribute. According to leaks, the damage will be increased along with Armor Penetration whereas the Reload Speed will be decreased.


Whenever Weapon Royale came into the Indian server things are available with double power so there is a chance that it will also be available with more damage and penetration.

How To Get Luck Royale Bundle?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Tap on Luck Royale
Step 3: Tap on the Bundle you want to grab
Step 4: If it is available item will be added to your account
That’s it

That’s all about the upcoming new free-fire Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale bundle. If this is useful to you then make sure to share it with your friends on social media and let them know about the upcoming update.

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