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Garena Free Fire Pets abilities & all

Free Fire Pets abilities
Free Fire Pets abilities


Ottero is an otter-like creature that wears a hoodie and headphones. The pet comes with a skill called Double Blubber that allows players to recover EP when using the Treatment Gun or a Med Kit. The amount of EP received is 35% of the HP. Free Fire Pets abilities


Poring is… well, seems to be a living blob. Its skill is called Stitch and Patch. This increases the level 1 helmet and armor durability every three seconds.


Robo is a spherical robot with cat ears. It offers the Wall Enforcement skill that adds a shield to the Gloo Wall that grants an additional 60HP. At level 5, the Shield adds 80HP to the Gloo Wall.

Spirit Fox

As the name would suggest, the Spirit Fox is a fox. It comes with the Well Fed ability that grants an additional 4 HP when using a health pack. When upgraded to level 5, health packs will grant an extra 7 HP. The ability makes the Spirit Fox a decent, well-rounded pet for all sorts of players, regardless of their play-style. 


Shiba is a dog. That’s pretty much it, but it does come with an ability called Mushroom Sense. This marks the location of one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map once every 180 seconds and the mark lasts for 30 seconds. At level 5, Shiba marks a mushroom every 150 seconds.


Like Shiba, Kitty is just a simple cat. However, unlike Shiba, Kitty has no skill or use other than looking cute. This makes it a very realistic depiction of an actual cat. At level 5

Mechanical Pup 

Mechanical Pup is a robotic dog (similar to Sony’s Aibo). But like Kitty, Mechanical Pup has no skill whatsoever besides looking pretty cool. At level 5, its usefulness increases infinitely (infinite x 0 = 0). Like Kitty,

Night Panther

The Night Panther is a robotic big cat. Its special ability is called Weight Training and increases the inventory space of players by 15. At level 5, it increases the inventory space of players by 30.

Detective Panda

Detective Panda is a panda that comes with the skill, Panda’s Blessing. This restores 4 HP upon each kill. At level 5, each kill that a player gets restores 7 HP.


Falcon is the newest addition to the gallery of pets and is a falcon. Its skill is called Skyline Spree and it increases the gliding speed when skydiving at the start of the match. It also increases the diving speed once the parachute is opened.

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