Growing Pack Event: How To Get Permanent Scarl Skin In Pubg Mobile

Get Permanent Scarl Skin: Till now PUBG Mobile has brought Growing Pack Event twice in which once it gave permanent skin of Garoza and next time it gave SKS skin and now it is back again with Scarl Permanent skin for free, it is not actually free but you will get your 300UC back that you spent on purchasing the skin pack.

For getting the Scarl skin for free all you have to do is to complete all the mentioned missions before the event end, and then you will become eligible to purchase for free. This event is for 1 week (June 6 – June 13) so make sure to claim before it finishes.

Some of the players do a common mistake due to which all their treasure gets wasted without getting anything, so make sure to follow step by step otherwise you will also face such a huge loss.

Note: You have to complete the given mission before the event gets ended, otherwise you won’t be able to grab the skin for free.

MissionGrowing PointsTotal Task
Log in for a total of 5 days2005
Spend over 60 minutes in the game6060
Spend over 30 minutes in the game3030
Finish in the Top 3 in Classic matches1001
Eliminate a total of 8 enemies in classic matches808
Complete 10 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends7010
Complete 10 Classic or Arcade matches6010
Eliminate a total of 4 enemies in Classic604
Complete 4 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends504
Complete 5 Classic or Arcade matches505
Restore 100 Health in Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, or EvoGround40100
Deal 200 Damage to enemies in Classic or Arcade mode40200
Get an A rank or above I time in Classic Mode, Arcade Mode or EvoGround351
Finish in the Top 20 in Classic Matches351
Eliminate a total of 2 enemies in classic matches352
Complete 2 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends302
Complete 2 Classic or Arcade matches202
Spend 1000 BP101000

How To Get Permanent Scarl Skin In Growing Pack Event?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Click on the Growing Pack icon (below RP symbol)
Step 3: Complete the missions mentioned above to get Growing Points
Step 4: Once you have 800 points purchase the last pack (Total Value: 1500 UC)
That’s all

Note: Don’t purchase other packs otherwise you won’t get 300 UC back, 300UC is available only in the last package so make sure you are buying the last one.

That’s all about the trick to get permanent Scarl Skin for free in PUBG in Growing Pack event. If this article is useful to you then make sure to share it with every player so that they could also get it.

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