Minecraft: Best Bedrock Edition seeds for speedrunning

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Minecraft: Best Bedrock Edition seeds for speedrunning, if you are a Minecraft player then you have to give a look at this article.

Minecraft: Best Bedrock Edition seeds for speedrunning


This is yet another seed with a village right at spawn, which has two blacksmiths. A stronghold can also be located right underneath the village at spawn, which is super convenient. Inside both of the blacksmiths, players will find:

  • Iron pickaxe
  • Four obsidian
  • Five iron ingots
  • Two gold ingots
  • bread
  • Iron sword
  • One apple

Using the obsidian from the blacksmith, they can immediately enter the nether. At around 671, 67, 100, Minecraft gamers can find a ruined portal, which is almost entirely complete. Inside the ruined portal loot chest, players will find:

  • One obsidian
  • An Unbreaking I golden ax
  • Two golden apples
  • An Unbreaking I golden shovel
  • Six golden carrots

The ruined portal leads to a Nether fortress.


The village that players spawn in has three blacksmiths, which is incredibly rare. In this breathtaking Minecraft seed, players will spawn right on an island village, with the End portal being only 43 blocks away and an additional village on the horizon.

Inside the blacksmith chests, players will find:

  • 14 obsidian
  • Iron sword
  • Seven apples
  • Four gold ingots
  • Saddle
  • Three bread

Using the obsidian from the blacksmith chests, players can complete the Nether portal easily. The other village on the horizon is abandoned, with a ruined portal right in the middle of it. Inside of the ruined portal loot chests, players will find:

  • Two fire charges
  • Three flint
  • A Sharpness III Efficiency III golden ax
  • An Unbreaking III golden shovel

The portal itself can be found at coordinates 1389, 49, 11. Back at the first village, the bricks of a stronghold can be spotted under the water right next to the village at coordinates 1323, 56, 29.

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