Minecraft: Best loot locations

As of the 1.16 update, there are over 20 unique structures for players to loot from. In this post, we are going to tell you about the Minecraft: Best loot locations

Minecraft: Best loot locations


Strongholds are another underground location with great loot to be found inside. Altars can be found randomly within the compound, which contains iron gear and sometimes enchanted books or diamonds. They are specifically known for containing end portal frames, which are required in order to get to the end dimension.

In which even more loot is to be found. Which are especially useful when playing on Minecraft survival servers. Chests that spawn inside storerooms also have a significant chance of containing enchanted books and rare items such as saddles.

Treasure chests

A treasure chest is also currently the only way in which players will be able to obtain a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. Players must navigate to the marked X on the map and then proceed to dig downwards around it. Treasure chests will require a treasure map to be located, which are found in shipwrecks. Gold and iron ingots are also possible spawns inside these chests.

With diamonds also notably spawning at a respectable 50% of the time. It should be mentioned for those unaware that to be able to fully tell a chest’s location, players need to hold the treasure map with two hands.


Chests do spawn in the shipwreck monuments and usually contain some random items that have the potential to be somewhat worthwhile.

Including a chance to find items such as TNT and gunpowder. Shipwrecks are found underwater in the sea and consist of either a half or fully wrecked ship to be explored by the player. This was one of the best loot locations in the game-play of Minecraft, there are a lot of players are available who use this location.

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