Minecraft: Best tips to defeat the Wither

This post is for the users of Minecraft game-play, there are many players who want to know the new update that has been added by the developers. This article is about Minecraft: Best tips to defeat the Wither

Minecraft: Best tips to defeat the Wither

Use Strength Potions

Once the player has the Wither down to half health, using a Strength II potion before hitting it with a diamond or netherite enchanted sword.

Is the best way to kill the Wither as quickly as possible. Strength Potions are a Minecraft player’s best friend when it comes to defeating Minecraft’s Wither boss.

Have the Obsidian

Obsidian is a block that cannot be exploded, meaning that it’s the perfect block for players to use to create barriers between the player and the Wither. Having at least a stack in the player’s hot bar is a good idea just.

In case the player gets into a sticky situation. Obsidian is a must when battling the Wither, as even with overpowered armor, it’s not the kind of mob a player can rush.

Create distance

Distance is key with the Wither, and players can try shooting it for as long as possible before it begins to reflect arrows. When spawning in the Wither in Minecraft, make sure to have as much distance from the mob as possible.  When it spawns in, it creates a blast larger than TNT or a charged creeper, meaning at close range, this blast can kill the player with one hit.

Stack up

The player should have at least 10 in their inventory during the fight. Having stackable and saturating foods is a must, and players should try to remain at the top levels of saturation as frequently as they can to ensure they are constantly healing. Potions of healing and regeneration are a must; golden apples (and enchanted golden apples, if on hand) are very useful.

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