Minecraft: Rarest biomes

Most Minecraft biomes are usually very common. In the Java Edition, as of the latest update (version 1.16.5), there are a mind-blowing 79 unique biomes. Minecraft: Rarest biomes

Minecraft: Rarest biomes

Mushroom Fields and Mushroom Field Shore

The rare mushroom field’s biome features mycelium instead of grass. These biomes are also some of the only ones in which giant mushrooms will spawn. However, no mobs other than mushrooms can be found in this biome. However, it will turn a very bright and almost neon green color when a player places a regular grass block down here. The only difference between the Mushroom Field Shore and the regular Mushroom Fields biome is that the shore biome is much flatter.

Modified Badlands Plateau

The Modified Badlands Plateau is an extremely rare biome and features smaller plateaus than it’s much more common and regular Badlands Plateau counterpart. The Modified Badlands Plateau is currently the second rarest biome in Minecraft and is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. This biome’s aesthetic is such that it mimics large real-life plateaus that have weathered over time Minecraft: Rarest biomes

Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills

The terrain in this biome has only large jungle trees along with large or balloon oak trees. These are ocelots, parrots, and pandas and can, of course, be found here. Trees in this biome spawn more infrequently than the less rare regular jungle edge biome. Certain mobs only spawn in Jungle biomes. Additionally, gamers can discover jungle pyramids in this biome.

Modified Jungle Edge

The modified jungle edge biome is insanely rare. This modified jungle edge biome will only generate when a Jungle biome meets a Swamp Hills biome. It’s so rare that it’s actually hard to comprehend the minuscule chances of one spawning in a world. With the chances of this situation occurring naturally being minimal, it can be understood why the biome has achieved such a legendarily rare status within Minecraft.

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