Minecraft: Top mobs that were removed

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Minecraft: Top mobs that were removed from the game-play, the players would surely want to know about this.

Minecraft: Top mobs that were removed


At first, humans were friendly and only mindlessly ran around in circles. Indeed, humans were once roaming the lands of the Overworld. They looked identical to the player and would flail their arms around. While in update rd -132328, the almighty Notch added a mob named “Human” into the game. Not soon after, they became hostile and would attack and even kill the player.


The Rana was a mob released in Invdev 0.31. Rana would spawn anywhere in the Overworld, always in groups. Much like Beast Boy and Steve, Rana had no animations and would glide around aimlessly for eternity. Unlike Steve and Beast boy, they remained in Minecraft throughout all of the updates.

Beast Boy

This update was announced wonderfully in 2010. Some players may recognize this character from a particular TV show. While testing certain features in its early versions, Minecraft creator Notch implemented Beast Boy in Invdev 0.31 20100130.


Steve had no animations at all and would glide around the grass without stopping. As well as this was released along with Beast Boy, Steve is an odd-looking mob with weird proportions. While upon death, he dropped string, feather, gunpowder, and rarely, flint and steel. Thankfully, he decided to keep the original models. As well as fans may assume that Notch was thinking about changing how the beloved Steve would look.


A Testificate’s only purpose was to walk around the village to test their AI. This update was huge news to all Minecraft players. This name was short-lived and only had a lifespan of seven days before being unfortunately removed from Minecraft. Luckily, Mojang added all the fantastic features that villagers have now. TESTIFICATES were the official first test release of┬ávillagers.

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