Minecraft: Uses for Ghasts

This post was about Minecraft: Uses for Ghasts, Ghasts are sad because no one wants to hang out with a fire-breathing ghost. Ghasts are Minecraft mobs that originate in the Nether. They are the large grayish-white floating mobs that look like huge jellyfish.

Minecraft: Uses for Ghasts

Healing Potions

Healing potions will give players instant health when consumed. Ghast tears can also be used as an ingredient in the awkward potion to create a potion of healing. It will immediately add four health points to the player’s health bar.

Regeneration Potion

Players will need to create this in the brewing stand. The regeneration potion in Minecraft allows players to regenerate health over a period of time which causes the player to heal much faster. While this potion is created out of one water bottle, one nether wart, and an empty glass bottle. The potions of regeneration will be in effect for 45 seconds.

Awkward Potion

Ghast tears can be used as an ingredient to make Awkward potion. Awkward potions are used to create other potion such as the potion of swiftness, potions of healing, potions of regeneration, and more.

Mundane Potion

Mundane potions are created out of one Ghast eye, an empty bottle, and blaze power at a brewing stand. Similar to the awkward potion, mundane potions must be brewed first before any other potions can be created. Mundane potions are used to brew other potions of weakness.

End Crystals

Ghast tears are used to create end crystals to respawn the ender dragon. In order to make an end crystal, players will need to place seven glass blocks, one eye of ender, and one Ghast tear into the crafting menu. The end crystals serve as a healing beacon for the ender dragon, but players will still need them to spawn the creature.

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