Minecraft: uses for llamas

As llamas have been in the game since the Minecraft 1.11 update.  So, in this post we are going to tell you about Minecraft: uses for llamas.

Minecraft: uses for llamas


Llamas are among the few animals that drop nothing edible upon dying. Players can increase their drop rates to five leather by using a looting III enchanted weapon. Players can also kill llamas to farm leather in Minecraft. One adult llama drops 0-2 leather.

Storage Space

Llamas can have 3,6,9,9,12, or 15 slots, depending on their strength. Like donkeys and mules, players can use llamas to carry items in Minecraft. Players must right-click on a tamed llama to insert the chest on his back. Use Shift + Right-click on the llama to access the chest. Players must use carpets to color code llama and remember which one is storing what. Players can load these llamas with sulkers’ boxes to carry the maximum amount of resources.


There are 16 different colored carpets in Minecraft. Llamas are so cute that players use them to decorate their bases in Minecraft. Players can also use carpet on trader llamas, which replace their original carpet design. However, players cannot ride llamas using saddles like horses or donkeys. Instead of a saddle, players can adorn them with carpets. Each carpet creates a unique pattern on the back of llamas.


Llamas have an extraordinary ability to follow other llamas and form a caravan. Since players cannot ride llamas, the only way to move them is by using leads. Moving a large group of llamas using leads might be costly. Players can use lead on one llama, and other llamas will start following that llama. This way, players can save some leads and act as a wandering trader on their friend’s server. A caravan in Minecraft has up to nine llamas.

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