Minecraft’s Top Redstone houses

There are many benefits players can get out of using Redstone within their Minecraft houses, some of which can be game-changing. In Minecraft, a “Redstone house” is one that heavily utilizes the application of Redstone circuits and contraptions to perform functions that standard houses in Minecraft typically don’t have. Minecraft’s Top Redstone houses

Minecraft’s Top Redstone houses

Minecraft piston modern mansion

This Minecraft mansion features a modern esthetic and uses Redstone throughout its design to make the living experience. The house utilizes a myriad of Redstone-related design features to improve players’ quality of life.

While some of these include automatic gates and doors, a working TV set, and even a system that only allows players to sleep at night-time.  Comfortable and as easy as possible for its inhabitants.

Fortified Modern Redstone house

This great Redstone house sets out to combine various popular Redstone contraptions seen within other house designs. This means that any mobs that approach this house will automatically be detected.

And shot down from the sky through a Redstone arrow dispenser machine. The house features a highly effective Sky Arrow protection system, which safeguards players inside against hostile mobs. The building also includes a vast quantity of hidden rooms, featuring even a hidden tree house, which cleverly utilizes Redstone itself inside.

Tiny piston dirt house

Precisely, the house unfolds itself from underneath via the use of pistons powered by Redstone. This may look like an ordinary and perhaps quite nooby dirt hut.

But just like real life- it would be unwise to be fooled by mere looks. The home also features an impressive automated chest organization system.

And a powerful TNT cannon elevator for a quick exit out of the hidden layer. This little dirt house takes the popular idiom ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ to a whole new level. This then reveals secret automated farms and armories.

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