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Minecraft’s Top secret messages

The game-play of Minecraft has gained a lot of popularity, this post was regarding Minecraft’s Top secret messages. Of course, these messages can have a deeper meaning but are often simply included for a bit of light-hearted fun. It’s common for developers of games like Minecraft to leave both cryptic and hidden messages within their games.

Minecraft’s Top secret messages

10 year Minecraft cake

From May 17th, 2019, until May 20th, 2019, Mojang added a special Easter egg such that all cakes within the game had a number 10 stuck on top of them. Unfortunately, however, for players who didn’t get to experience this first hand.

It’s no longer possible to see a cake like this without the use of mods. The texture appeared to be made out of white concrete blocks and had a distinct look unlike anything else ever seen in the game.

 Cave sound Creeper face

Pretty freaky stuff indeed. If the chilling cave sound 14 file is run through a spectrogram, it will produce a prominent creeper pattern. Minecraft is known for its creepy cave sounds; however, players might not be aware that cave sound 14 has a hidden secret inside itself. A spectrogram, for those unaware, is simply a visual way of representing the strength of different signal frequencies.

Minecraft title screen

This is precisely what Notch decided to do when implementing the rare “Minecraft” title screen message. Many players have likely encountered this before but simply failed to notice it due to how similar the title looks to its original counterpart. Every time the game opens, there is approximately a 1 in 10,000 chance for the title screen to display the title “Minecraft” instead of the classic “Minecraft.” Sometimes, the best way to hide a secret is to leave it in plain sight. This was exactly Notch’s intention.

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