Most adored characters in Genshin Impact

This post was about the Most adored characters in Genshin Impact, as the players want to know about Genshin Impact some of the prettiest in-game visuals as well as some extremely adorable characters.

Most adored characters in Genshin Impact


Razor’s spiky grey hair and pale skin, combined with his outfit, make him one of the most adorable characters in the Genshin Impact community. Equipped with a claymore.

Razor can deal massive bursts of electro damage to his enemies within a short span of time. This four-star rated electro-elemental character in Genshin Impact is not simply a cute or adorable virtual figure.

But also one of the strongest four-star rated damage dealers.


Qiqi’s zombie-like appearance, combined with her light purple hair and magenta colored eyes.

Render her one of the most adorable characters in Genshin Impact. As well as equipped with a sword, this five-star rated cryo-elemental character can setup other damage-dealing characters with health regeneration in the middle of fights.

To allow them enhanced sustainability. Undoubtedly the strongest healing character in Genshin Impact, Qiqi appears to be a zombie who was resurrected by the adepti


Despite having a backstory riddled with misfortune, Bennett has never once given up on Benny’s Adventure Team.

Making him one of the most-adored characters in Genshin Impact. While arguably one of the most popular four-star rated characters in Genshin Impact, Bennett’s back-story only adds to how adorable this character can be in-game


Arguably, one of the better healing characters in Genshin Impact, Barbara is the deaconess of the Church of Favonius. While combining her abilities with the cute appearance that Barbara flaunts.

Her ash-blonde hair and blue eyes, certainly, make her one of the most adorable characters in Genshin Impact. This four-star rated hydro-elemental character’s most notable ability is her elemental burst.

Which allows Barbara to heal all nearby allies as well as herself for a huge amount of HP.

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