Most popular Poison Pokémon

A lot of Poison Pokémon don’t get enough love, but these ones are very popular. There’s a plethora of popular Poison Pokemon available in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Most popular Poison Pokémon

Most popular Poison Pokémon


Weezing, has been a fan favorite Poison Pokemon since the beginning. James’ signature Pokemon in the original anime. Whether fans love Weezing or not, they’ll look fondly at this smoke machine. Weezing actually has made appearances in the competitive scene over the years, especially now. Weezing even gained a new Galarian form in Sword and Shield. And it’s quite good, dawning a new typing and move set.


Venusaur got the short end of the stick with the North American release of Pokemon Red & Blue. Once a neglected starter, now an unforgettable Pokemon. Gaining multiple forms throughout the years, like a Mega form and a Gigantamax form. There’s something missing there though (Pokemon Green). However, Venusaur is now a beloved member of Generation I. Game Freak just wanted to see Venusaur fail.


Toxtricity has many varying cards in the TCG, even though it’s so new. Toxicity was given a Gigantamax form, which means Game Freak knew this would be a popular new Pokemon. A new addition to the Pokedex, Toxtricity, has made its way into fans’ hearts and on to many teams in Galar. This Electric/Poison rockstar is a very strong Pokemon in the game and has become a fan favorite of Galrian Pokemon.


Gengar has been extremely popular ever since its debut in Generation I. First on the list is everybody’s favorite prankster, Gengar. Gengar has gotten a Mega form as well as a Gigantamax form and is no slouch in popularity. It’s no surprise this is the most popular Poison Pokémon in Sword and Shield, maybe ever. This Pokémon has stayed extremely relevant through the years and even manages to find its way onto Ash’s team in the newest season of the anime.

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