Pokémon: Best designed Legendary of all time

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Pokémon: Best designed Legendary of all time


Mewtwo is thought of as menacing, and that theme is displayed simply through the expression on his face. In comparison to any of the other Legendary Pokemon in the series, Mewtwo is uniquely characterized and human to an extent. It’s a Generation I Pokemon, and yet there is so much to appreciate in the design. He is also one of the few lab-made or mutated Legendary Pokemon. Plus, his bipedal look makes him appear characterized above anything else.


The Giratina is meant to be dangerous and a threat to the world. Giratina is both imposing and fantasy-inspired at the same time. Its design and the Dragon and Ghost-typing push that point, making it easily one of the well-designed Legendary Pokemon ever. Its white and gold designs look almost angelic, while the red and black wings make it a nightmare fuel in the Pokemon universe.


Entei appears like a lion and dog that encapsulates what a Fire-type Pokemon ought to be designed like. The most iconic of the three Legendary Beasts, Entei has always had a striking design that Pokemon fans have loved for a long time. But of the three Legendary Pokemon, Entei has stood out as the most iconic. Raikou doesn’t live up to how Entei appears, but Suicune gives it a run for its money.


The Zacian is part of a duo with Zamazenta from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Zacian carries the sword in its own mouth as a weapon, while Zamazenta displays a mane-like shield. Both wolves look like they were designed for a fantasy RPG, and even Zacian can be compared to a character like Zamazenta from the Dark Souls series. The two wolf legendaries come together for a complete Sword and Shield duo.

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