Pokemon Dawn shouldn’t have trained

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Pokemon Dawn shouldn’t have trained


The Pachirisu was just as new to things as Dawn was. Pachirisu was very mischievous and hyperactive from the start. That rivaled the personality of Dawn. It often missed the mark when it came to Dawn’s commands and landing any sort of attacks. This Pokemon was never really up for the training Dawn tried to give it. It often hit the human characters with accidental, purposeful, Electric-type attacks. There was even a moment when Dawn refused to feed it more treats and Pachirisu shocked her with Discharge.


Piplup was immediately shown to be a brat and a bit of a harbinger of chaos. As well as everyone loves Piplup. It is cute, cuddly, and has a bright personality. Dawn’s Piplup was one of the most entertaining parts of that era of the Pokemon anime series. As Dawn’s starter though, it didn’t get the immediate training it needed. While they grew closer and ended up working well together, the differences at the start really hindered what their relationship could have been. They often bickered with each other. As a novice, it was clear that Piplup was too much for Dawn to handle at first.


Mamoswine first appeared as a stray Swinub that ate all of Dawn’s Poffins, causing distress for all of her other hungry Pokemon. A creature like that is meant for battle, not for contests. After Dawn decided to bring it along for the journey, Swinub showed excitement and love for her. While that quickly changed as it evolved. Eventually, it clicked a bit better with Dawn, but it was never enough to undo the damage from the past. Piloswine showed a drastic personality change with disobedience and indifference towards its trainer. Evolving into Mamoswine didn’t help.

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