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Pokémon: Top strangely designed Alolan

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Pokémon: Top strangely designed Alolan, so if you are a Pokemon player then you would have to give a look.

Pokémon: Top strangely designed Alolan


Raticate has just been eating since Kanto. It has a cooler typing, but it doesn’t have much more than that over the original. Its Alolan form is far too chubby. It does make it cuter, but that’s not difficult since the original wasn’t the prettiest. This is still an upgrade from the original. Ratata has a much better design with the mustache.


This Alolan form is an upgrade in terms of playability. The color is a good change of pace, but the round head isn’t. Persian’s best feature was its jawline, and it was taken away. It has a better typing, ability, and move pool, but it still looks quite awkward. The round features are a really strange addition. There’s a good reason behind this since cats in Hawaii, which Alola is based on, look like this.


Alolan Exeggutor definitely has the strangest design, even though fans think fondly of it. Fans were obsessed with Alolan Exeggutor when it was first released. It went from a regular-sized tree to a long-necked palm tree Pokemon. One of the strangest things about this form is that the Dragon typing has been added to it.


This seems like a meme, but it’s not. The hair is quite subtle on Diglett, but it’s not subtle at all for Dugtrio. Dugtrio’s change is probably the slightest change but the oddest. Each head that makes up Dugtrio has blond locks. Each head has a different hairstyle.


Golem has a thick mustache, thick eyebrows, and a puffy beard. Golem’s design and type are quite interesting, but facial hair is a little too strange. The facial hair isn’t really hair either; it’s made of rock. It is typing of Electric/Rock is very interesting, and it’s definitely an upgrade from the original rock with legs.

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