Pokémon’s best natures

This post was regarding the Pokémon’s best natures in the game-play, the way natures affect Pokemon is that, depending on which one they have, one stat is lowered while another gets raised.

Pokémon’s best natures


This works the same way as Careful, except it lowers Attack. Its Special Defense (base 103) is so high that it can take many Special Attacks and set up Calm Mind to use boosted moves afterward. An example of a Pokemon that does well with Calm would be Hatterene. It tends to be more useful, as most Pokemon with high Special Defense (Goodra, Heatran, Slowking) use Special Attacks more often. Many Pokemon who benefit from a Calm nature tend to run more defensive moves but can have one strong attack to still do damage.


Impish will allow it to take physical attacks while responding with Brave Birds and Iron Heads. This works similarly to Bold, except it lowers Special Attack. Looking at Skarmory, it can live forever unless it faces a special attacker. It is typically a good nature for the physical tanks in the game: Skarmory, Bronzong, and Pokemon of the like all benefit from Impish.


Some Pokemon who aren’t the fastest like having Modest so they can punish slower, defensive Pokemon. This nature raises Special Attack but lowers Physical Attack. It might be better to run Modest to ensure it can beat specially defensive Pokemon. It will boost the power of strong special attackers like Alakazam and Gengar. For example, Toxtricity can’t outspeed much. With Overdrive and Boomburst, though, it does ridiculous damage to whoever it attacks.


This becomes pretty much a one-hit KO button. To get the most out of the move, it’s crucial to have Dracovish as fast as possible. This is essentially Timid but for physical attackers. The prime candidate for Jolly would be Dracovish. If Fishious Rend moves first, it gets its damage output doubled.

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