1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile (1.5.0 Update Patch Notes)

1.5.0 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile: Guys if you are interested in the Cycle 1 season 1 update, then this article is for you, here we will be talking about all the latest updates of Cycle 1 season 1 releasing on 9 July you get updates from PUBG Mobile. Stick to the end of this page and I will let you know everything about it.

In order to provide a better gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will gradually push updates from July 9th. This update is a non-stop service update. In order for everyone to update the version smoothly, please select an appropriate network environment and reserve enough mobile phone space. The Android version of the app store installation file is only 686 MB. The iOS version is 1.64 GB.


  • Cycle1 Season1: New Systems
  • New achievements
  • New window glass 
  • Tesla Collaboration
  • Royale Pass M1 & M2

Update Reward:

From July 9th to July 16th (UTC+0), the updated version will be available: 2,888BP, 100AG, Gothic Girl Rucksack (3 days).

 New ways, New experiences 


New mode ignition plan (July 9-September 6) 

The technology and energy company DynaHex is transforming the island with technology, and they hope to use the island as an experimental base for the latest scientific research. You can enter this mode through the evolution battlefield to experience a new high-tech island. Special reminder: Players’ scores in this mode are counted as ranked points. 

Brand new city 

DynaHex aims at military security, energy utilization, transportation and logistics, forward-looking scientific research and other fields, and uses high technology to transform the six regional urban areas of the island

Transportation hub (formerly Pochinki) 

Pochinki is the core area of the island’s road network and has become a transportation hub. A new high-tech station and supporting transportation system will be settled in P City. The shuttle bus in the city will bring a new experience of transferring and moving shelters. 

Automated port (formerly Georgopol) 

Georgopol continues its advantages as a logistics port and introduces a brand-new center console and technology logistics warehouse to become a highly efficient and advanced logistics port. 

Technology Center (formerly School) 

The area that was once a school is now positioned more towards academic scientific research and advanced exploration. The latest scientific research results and advanced technologies will be displayed here. In terms of play style, there are abundant pathways and structures, as well as dense but changeable conflict possibilities. 

Security Center (formerly Military Base) 

The military base is responsible for the security monitoring and armed support of the entire island, and the island-wide monitoring and rapid response facilities are set up here. 

Logistics Center (formerly Yasnaya Polyana) 

The logistics center is located in Yasnaya Polyana, which will become an important distribution center for materials entering the island. The materials transported from the port will be classified, security checked, and distributed here, and will be diverted to various areas of the island through scientific and technological means. 

Energy Center (formerly Mylta Power

The organization that provides energy for the island combines conventional energy with advanced energy, and the energy center provides stable energy for civilian and military buildings on the island 

Featured gameplay mechanism of Ignition Plan

1) Dynamic lifting platform 

Dynamic mobile platforms such as elevators, automatic doors, etc. will appear in urban areas of technological transformation. 

2) Super transportation system 

In order to improve the efficiency of transportation on the island, logistics agencies arrange transportation system routes called Hyperlines on the island for shuttles between different cities. Players can use Hyperlines for timing and fixed-point transfers, and use the features to play richer tactics. 

3) Airmail 

The command center has set up this special mobile tool outside some urban areas and strongholds to help security personnel quickly move in the air and patrol the air.


Featured Parts and Firearms of the Ignition Plan 

1) New firearm ASM Abakan 

The ASM Abakan rifle uses 5.56mm bullets and has three shooting modes: automatic, two bursts, and single shot. The firearms are characterized by short firing intervals and high precision for the first two shots, which are suitable for burst shooting. 

2) Ergonomic grip 

The grip position accessories can greatly improve the controllability of the firearm, enhance the vertical/horizontal recoil control, and accelerate the recovery speed of the rear seat. 

3) Muzzle brake 

The muzzle position accessories can effectively reduce bullet scattering and strengthen recoil control.

4) Small drum 

The magazine position accessory, which can be equipped on all rifles, can greatly increase the magazine capacity, but will slightly reduce the speed of reloading. 

Featured New Vehicles in the Ignition Plan 

1) Anti-gravity motorcycle 

The amphibious anti-gravity motorcycle, with a capacity of 2 people, is convenient and fast to move across the map. 

anti gravity motorcycle

Featured props of the ignition plan 

1) Tactical marking device 

The high-tech props produced in the battle can automatically mark the location of the enemy hit after being worn, and the small map will display the status when teammates are fighting. 

2) Riot shield 

Click to use it will produce a durable shield that can withstand all bullet damage. 

Ignition plan features 

1) Born island holographic projection function 

The current game map and route holographic projection are added to the birth island, and the player’s punctuation position will also be displayed in the holographic projection. 

Skydiving mark 

During the flight and skydiving phases, you can directly click on the map scene markers and display them in the form of a beam of light. At the same time, the city name will be displayed in the air above the city. 

Automatic parachuting

Added automatic parachuting function. Turn on automatic parachuting after punctuation to automatically go to the marked location. 

Other new content of the ignition plan 

Air raid adds missile flight animation before the explosion, which helps to determine the location of the air raid explosion. 

Added a grenade indicator function, which will indicate the approximate location of the grenade that is about to explode next to the player. 

(2) Tesla (July 9-September 6) 

The island of technological transformation has attracted Tesla to settle in. Tesla will build a super factory on the island to produce classic models and provide a more technologically advanced autonomous driving experience and material transportation solutions. In the new mode-Ignition Plan, you can experience Tesla exclusive content. 


Tesla Gigafactory 

The Tesla super factory will appear on the map. After all the production line switches in the factory are activated, the factory will start the vehicle assembly process to produce a Tesla vehicle-Model Y. 

Model Y+ autonomous driving 

The self-driving vehicle produced by the Tesla factory can turn on automatic driving on the road on the map, and can automatically reach the road marked location set by the player. 

Semi Truck 

The self-driving transportation vehicles developed by Tesla will randomly appear on the road in the wild and drive automatically on specific routes. By causing damage to the Semi Truck, the material box in the car can be dropped to obtain combat supplies. 

New firearms and to enhance the fight

(1) New firearms-MG3 

Newly added MG3 light machine gun: It uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a unique shooting mode. It can dynamically adjust the shooting speed of 660 or 990m/s, taking into account stable continuous shooting and rapid shooting. 

With the front bracket, shooting down on the ground can greatly reduce the recoil force, only output in the airdrop box 


(2) M249 launch adjustment 

As MG3 enters the airdrop, M249 is removed from the airdrop and changed to the ground asset out, which will be output on the classic full map 

(3) Fire speed compensation mechanism 

Added a unified mechanism for firearms with different frame rates to solve the problem of inconsistent firing rates at different frame rates 

(4) Third-person lens field of view setting 

Added the third-person field of view adjustment option, the third-person field of view can be adjusted in the settings. This option will not take effect on some models with a large original lens field of view 

(5) New window glass 

Added glass to a small number of buildings in islands and deserts 

Use melee attack/shoot/over the window to break the glass, but it will make a sound and will not recover 

(6) Improvement of preset operation logic

When taking medicine, block automatic pickup 

Pick up a melee weapon when you have the main weapon. The melee weapon is preset to be stowed 

Now when there is no flat-bottomed wok on the body, it will automatically pick up and equip a flat-bottomed wok 

After all the bullets of the used firearm are lighted up (when the ammunition is also 0), if another weapon still has ammunition, the weapon will be automatically switched 

Signal guns without bullets will not be picked up automatically 

(7) Team competition-warehouse map upgrade 

Adjust the cover near the spawn point of the bungalow, now you can reach the top of the fruit stand 

Adjust the size of the mini map, it is now easier to use the mini map to observe the battle situation 

(8) Evolution battlefield-full firepower 2.0 adjustment 

We will further adjust the evolutionary battlefield-Full Fire 2.0, and look forward to bringing you a better experience 

New features in the game 

(1) Added quick roulette 

Newly added throwing objects and medicine roulette, which can use throwing objects/drugs more quickly: 

Swipe the medicine/throwing object icon to turn on the roulette switch or use the props 

Quick throw can be set in the settings, after opening, long press the icon of the throwing object to throw quickly

Quick roulette throwing can be set in the settings. After opening, slide the roulette, and then you can quickly throw the target after a short time. 

(2) Added Medikits throwing function 

Now you can throw the medicine on your body at close range in the form of a package, and the thrown medicine will become available for pickup after it hits the ground. 

(3) Added victory statue 

After eating chicken, you can call a statue to celebrate: 

The MVP in the chicken eating team can call the victory statue at a designated location You can use special celebration moves near the victory statue 

(4) Added the function of taking photos after victory 

After winning in the classic mode, you can enter the photo mode 

In camera mode, you can hide/show teammate information 

You can share photos after taking pictures 

(5) Added reminder of remaining bullets 

When there are not many bullets remaining in the magazine, the font color of the bullet quantity changes: 

When there is 25% remaining, the font color of the bullet count changes to yellow When there is 10% remaining, the font color of the number of bullets changes to red 

(6) Increase the elimination of replay data to show:

When replaying the elimination, you can see part of the public information of the killer 

In the data details, you can view the hit situation of this firefight, including the situation where the player hits the opponent, and the situation where the opponent hits the player. 

Increase report function 

The elimination replay can be turned on/off in the settings. 

(7) The best accessories for custom firearms configuration 

Players can customize the target use accessories for different slots of each gun 

After the setting is completed, when the target accessory is found, it will be automatically picked up and assembled 

(8) Customize the sensitivity of firearms 

Players can customize the dedicated sensitivity of each firearm, which takes effect when using the corresponding firearm 

(9) Added tips for teammate engagement 

When teammates are caught in a battle and are injured, the teammate’s blood bar area will appear in the battle prompt 

Other new content 

(1) Royale Pass Month 1 : The age of technology (July 14-August 12) 

Royale Pass Month 2 : T plan (August 13th ~ September 13th) 

After the end of RP S19, Royale Pass will be adjusted to Royale Pass Month, and you can receive an exclusive welcome gift for your first entry! 

Time adjustment: The RP duration is adjusted to 1 month, and 2 RPs in each version will be launched sequentially. This time, RP M1 and RP M2 will be launched.

Price adjustment: normal RP will be adjusted to 360UC, elite RP will be adjusted to 960UC (additional 1,200 points), you can get a 360-60UC discount coupon when you enter the new RP for the first time, and you can get the next RP 360-60UC discount for free when you reach level 30. Coupon 

Level reduction: Level upper limit will be adjusted to level 50 simultaneously, but the reward quality remains unchanged, level 50 red quality suits, level 1 pink firearms and suits 

Reward plus size: every time the RP level increases, you can receive free rewards, and at high levels, you can also get free 60UC purchase coupons and additional sets for the next season 

Task adjustment: RP challenge tasks are reduced from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, and RP game time requirements will also be shortened simultaneously 

RP points critical strike at the end of the season 

The event will start at the end of S19. Players can earn points for critical strikes by completing tasks, and earn points for the next season in advance. 

Participate in the activity to start the initial basic points, obtain the number of critical strikes by completing the task, and use the number of critical strikes to obtain random multiple rewards. Final points can be obtained in the new season = initial basic points * cumulative gain multiple 

Other adjustments: the price adjustment of the free play card, the new Royale Pass Month tab, etc. 

(2) Guild 

New guild confrontation gameplay is added, matching guilds of the same type with a similar degree of activity together for a 14-day confrontation; 

Guild members accumulate confrontation points by completing guild confrontation tasks and win every day’s stronghold rewards; 

At the end of the event, calculate the total number of stronghold rewards obtained by the two guilds, and the more side will win the current confrontation; 

Rich rewards can be obtained for team wins and individual contributions 

(3) Ray is here!

Ray Ray (mini TV guy) is coming, Ray will tell you important information in time, don’t miss it! 

(4) New achievements 

The newly added theme achievement “Seeing is believing” (out of print), from July 6th to September 6th, participate in the Ignition Plan gameplay and complete the corresponding achievement conditions to achieve it; 

A newly added achievement “Leapover” (out of print), which can be completed before September 13 and can be achieved after undergoing Royale Pass season changes; 

New achievement “Perseverance”, which can be achieved by participating in the National Weekly Competition; 

Added the achievement “Commentary Expert”, which can be achieved by completing the game and evaluating teammates; 

Added the achievement “Commentary Expert”, which can be achieved by completing the game and evaluating teammates; 

The set achievements “Nebula Battlefield” and “Cyberpunk” will be returned for sale soon, and will be removed as out-of-print achievements after the return 

(5) RP reward function 

Added RP privilege-in-game appreciation function, players can initiate an RP appreciation to teammates at any time in the game, and the appreciation message will be prompted in the chat history 

Players who receive praise can get a certain RP points, and the RP points for praise will be presented by the system 

(6) Club 

Version 1.5.0 is online. Priority will be given to grayscale testing in Indonesia in July, and Southeast Asia will be gradually opened from August to September. 

Authorized Internet celebrity players can set up clubs, and other players can choose clubs to join

Players can post pictures, video content, comment and like interaction in the club 

Players can participate in topic discussions, post content under the specified topic, and all the content under the topic will be displayed in the topic details 

Club administrators can hold internal communication competitions, and club members can sign up to participate 

Club administrators can synchronize the content published under external social media accounts to the corresponding club 


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