PUBG Mobile 1.6 Global APK Download – Beta Version

Finally, the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Global Apk Beta Version has been released to Download and Update for both Android and iOS devices. But currently, it is in the testing phase so it is available only for limited users (20,000) only. So my recommendation is to grab it as soon as possible before this seat gets full.

A lot of new things have been added in the latest version of PUBG Mobile Global Beta. Let’s have a look at what are the news items coming in PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta version along with their officially released direct download links.

What Is PUBG Mobile Beta Version?

In short and simple Beta Version is the game that gets released for limited users who have registered as beta testers. They get the official upcoming game before it is officially launched for everyone to test the newly added features that how it is performing. So that final game appears bug-free.

If you have registered for PUBG Mobile Beta Tester on Google Play Store then you might have already got the update notification. But if it is not available to update you can follow the below procedures to update with it.

How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta Version

Step 1: Click on the below download button to download the installation APK
Step 2: Install the APK once it is downloaded
Step 3: In case of any error while installation please connect with a VPN to download resource files
Step 4: Choose Low Specs or HD Spes pack according to your device
Step 5: Login as a Guest

Step 6: Enter the invitation code that you have received in the PUBG Global account

Step 7: Congratulations! now you can enjoy the 1.6.0 beta PUBG Game

How To Get PUBG Beta Invitation Code?

Invitation Codes can be obtained from PUBG Mobile’s global version. But all the players should remember not to share the PUBG mobile beta invitation code with anyone else as they will be punished if found guilty.

PUBG Mobile

How To Download PUBG Mobile Beta In iOS?

Step 1: Click on the below Download button (in Safari)
Step 2: After the download completes enable the “Trusted Certificates” from device settings
Step 3: Navigate to Settings > General > Configuration Documents and Device Managements > Trusted Certificates and complete
Step 4: Install the downloaded file
Step 5: Launch the game and login to your account and enjoy the 1.6 beta update

PUBG Mobile ios beta

What Is New In PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta Version?

  • New Lobby: A new lobby called matrix is coming in this update. Erangel has been developed a bit in this version, it is basically mission ignition 2.0
  • New mastery feature coming in BGMI and PUBG Mobile
  • Metro royale coming
  • RP Avatar Frame (M3)
  • RP Avatar (M3)
  • RP Treasure Crate
  • Dancing emotes

There are a few more things that are new in this update, you can discover all those by updating with the latest version of the PUBG Mobile Beta Version.

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