Play Pubg Mobile MechaGodzilla Mode Now – Titans The Last Stand Mode

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Season 19 Patch Notes was already released on May 8, 2021, in which a new mode was launched the Titan Strikes from the movie Godzilla vs Kong. After the update players were able to find the Godzilla in Erangel map, whereas the Kong started to appear on the Sanhok map from May 15, and the most famous Mechagodzilla will be available to Livik by May 25.

In the Mechagodzilla mode, Titans won’t be hurting other players because they have to defeat the Mechagodzilla, and players have to help Godzilla & Kong in fighting with them. But if so many players come closer to them they may get irritated and there is a chance that you might get hurt by it.

Monarch Expeditionary team goes in the sea in search of Godzilla through the air as well as water by thinking that they would be able to catch these titans while they were fighting each other. According to reports in the latest update, a Helicopter will be available in the Lobby so tap on it and start playing with the Titan to defeat Mechagodzilla, and the points earned during the event (May 25 – June 8) will be used to exchange for event rewards.

Mechagodzilla has some unique features such as electromagnetic abilities that affect the Blue zone and it can also discover the location of other players in a limited area.

While fighting the weak points of the titan will be notified by some signals so players have to shoot most of the bullets to that point as it hurts the most. By hitting the weak points continuously the lifespan decrease fastly and this is how the players will be able to survive till the end of the match and gain victory over it with other titans by helping them.

A good thing about these titans that they move along a fixed path, and in every match, the location on the map changes so you need to find it by looking at the map. The titans also release some Titan Crystals which will be used to defend yourself by using it like grenade.

You can find this mode more familiar if you have watched an X-Men movie or Godzilla vs Kong. Because these Titans have been picked from those movies by collaboration with these movies. So it is going to be thrilling gameplay.

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