Tips to easily get XP in Minecraft

As the players of Minecraft would surely enhance their game-play with the help of this article, as in this article we are going to tell you about the Tips to easily get XP in Minecraft. XP is an extremely important feature in Minecraft. In order to fight bosses such as the Ender Dragon or the Wither, enchanted gear is 100% required. 

Tips to easily get XP in Minecraft


If they do not mind the arduous task of mining blocks of coal over and over, mining will be the easiest and least dangerous technique to gain XP. Mining is an extremely easy way for players to get XP quickly. Also, players are recommended to search for coal specifically as there are usually tons of blocks per vein.

Mob farm

Players will have to build the farm, which might take some time. Mob farms are by far the best way for players to receive massive amounts of XP. However, they will definitely be showered in XP once it is completed. While not easy at first, mob farms are similar to an investment that is guaranteed to make the investor a millionaire in a few hours.


Going out at night and killing mobs is a great way for players to get experience early in the game. To kill many with utmost efficiency, players are recommended to use jump attacks and charging attacks. While the players who desire to gain XP this way are not required to have much except a stone sword and patience.

Ender Dragon

More specifically, the Ender Dragon provides the player with 12,000 XP, which is approximately 68 levels. If a player needs to reach level 30 for an enchantment, killing the Ender Dragon would definitely accomplish that goal. While definitely not the easiest method, killing the Ender Dragon will provide tons of XP for the player.

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