Top 10 New Features In PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 Update

Top 10 New Features In PUBG MOBILE: A few days the latest version of PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 was launched with some new amazing features which will make the experience of gameplay much more interesting than ever. A few new things have been added with new styles and some improvements in the game have been done to make the game much more interesting.

In this article, I will let you know everything about it in detail what are new things added and what are the things that have been customized in the game. PUBG keep on improving with latest updates and that’s the reason that user is loving this game than any of the known game. So let us have a look at all the latest features of the PUBG Mobile v1.5.0 update.

Top 10 New Features In PUBG Mobile

Here we will be discussing all the features one by one along with their appropriate screenshots so that you understand them very well.

#1 Automatic Jump

This is a great feature and I think PUBG should have brought this feature before, by you can mark any place on the map where you want to jump, and even if you are not clicking on the jump button your character will automatically jump from the plane.

Suppose you are on a plane and for some time you have to go out then this can be used in such situations. But the speed will be very slow so you can use it according to your need.

Top 10 New Features In PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 Update

#2 Bullet Details

This bullet modification will let you know about your remaining bullets in different colors. When the 25% bullets are remaining then it will turn into orange color and when the magazine reduces from 10% it turns red, which means you need to reload it ASAP.

#3 New Vehicle (Train)

It is a new and very powerful vehicle in the game, if you are in this vehicle then no one can harm you, and neither you can harm others. But it is full of glitches such as vehicles can pass through it and that driver will harm themselves. One negative point about this vehicle it stops in fixed positions like railway stations in real life and if you are moving in the corner then you will be thrown out of the train.

Top 10 New Features In PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 Update

#4 Air Conveyor Launcher

Here you will also find an Air Conveyor Launcher at any random place on the map, with the help of this launcher you can throw yourself in the air in any direction. Suppose you are in the zone and suddenly want to get out of it then Air Conveyor Launcher could be very useful in such situations. But it is also full of glitches that you can pass through it.

To launch yourself lock yourself in it and set the direction and hit the fire button and after initializing the booster it will through you in the sky and you can land at any place in the game.

air conveyor

#5 Throw Anything Like Granade

This is very very interesting, by this feature you can throw a bandage, medikit, energy drink painkiller like the granade. This will be helpful if your teammate is at a far distance and the enemy is in the way. So by throwing in these items you can help your teammate. Just select that item and throw it like the nade, and they can pick it.

Through medicine

#6 Window Glass

I just loved this feature window with non-transparent glasses, currently, it is available only in the selected houses but there is a chance it might be available for other houses too in future updates. You can break it with a hand or any weapon you have. The player from inside can see the outsider but the outsider can’t see what’s inside. So it is very effective in espacing from enemies.

Windows glass

#7 Anti Gravity Motorcycle

Yes, you read it right. You might have seen in sci-fi movies that vehicles are flying in the sky that’s what you will get here. The best thing it can give you ride on-road as well as water. So if you are not able to find any boat or someone is doing bridge camp then it can be used. But the speed of it is very low in comparison to land and road.

Its sound is like a superbike and it also doesn’t give you an accident, but it will fell if you hit anything. It is a two-seater bike so you can also help your teammate. But you won’t be able to fire by changing seats.

anti gravity motorcycle

#8 Robot Dogs

If you have watched a movie called Axle then you can know about this Robot dog very well. It is a Robotic dog that will help you to find useful stuff for yourself such as bullets, extended mag, and other items that comes in its radius. It will go wherever you go but if it won’t go with you when you are driving. You can also kill them but you won’t get anything from it.

Robo dogs

#9 Shield

With the help of a shield, you can protect yourself from enemies so that anyone else can’t hurt you. It is very similar to Call Of Duty. You have to collect it and its time period is approximately 2 min. So use it wisely wherever you are using it.

Riot shield

#10 Tactical Binoculars

If you are doing enemies Ahead to mark the enemy then these Tactical Binoculars will automatically show their distance so you can easily hit them. If you have watched the matches of PUBG league then this is shown to the audience which player is where.


I hope this article would be useful to know everything about the Top 10 New Features In PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 Update. If this update is useful to you then make sure to share it with your friends on social media and let them know about these amazing new features.

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