Valorant: Ranking the controller agents

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Valorant: Ranking the controller agents, as there are many players are available who want to know everything about the game-play.

Valorant: Ranking the controller agents

S Tier


Brimstone received a pretty substantial buff to kick off Episode 2. Not to mention, he can place three Sky Smokes simultaneously. With long-lasting smokes and strong stalling power, Brimstone is certainly an S-Tier controller agent in Valorant. With an increased duration to his Sky Smokes, and the ability to place them from further away, Brimstone is excellent at cutting off vision. Once players begin to play Brimstone a lot, they can start learning advanced molly lineups to stall bomb defuses. Of all the controller agents in Valorant, Brimstone has the most stalling power.

Combining a Molotov with an Orbital Strike can be the ultimate stall against opponents attempting to retake a site.

A Tier


Astra is the newest addition to the Valorant agent roster. To use her abilities, she must first go into Astral Form. It’s difficult to assess precisely what tier Astra belongs to, but her abilities seem to be strong. Astra can place Stars on the map in this form, allowing her to use her three primary abilities. Her signature ability, which acts as smoke, can be activated from one of her Stars on the map.


Riot Games increased his Paranoia price from 200 credits to 400 credits, and his smokes don’t travel as fast anymore. Omen was recently nerfed due to the lack of economic demand from his kit. Omen’s teleport ability, Shrouded Step, can help him escape from sticky situations.  It allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, relocating him or playing for Intel.

B – Tier


Viper requires extensive knowledge of one-ways and molly lineups to really be effective. Her pick rate, especially as a controller, is already low, even without Astra’s addition. A Viper buff in Valorant in the upcoming act doesn’t seem unlikely.

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