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Water Pokemon of all time who is most intimidating

In this post we are going to tell you guys about the Water Pokemon of all time who is most intimidating in the game of Pokemon. The water Pokemon are creatures of the typing that trainers would be better off avoiding in battle. The Water-type category is the most abundant in the Pokemon franchise and includes some of the most intimidating beings.

Water Pokemon of all time who is most intimidating

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This Pokemon is one of the few to receive both a Mega Evolution and Gigantamax form, giving it even more power.Blastoise is a huge turtle with cannons coming from its shell, which is intimidating all by itself. While the size, its demeanor in battle and its access to some very strong attacks make Blastoise a force to be reckoned with.


The most intimidating Water-type Pokemon is Gyarados. Its brain structures change during evolution, causing it to be rather violent. Gyarados has a bad temper and is just plain dangerous. It even has Intimidate as one of its Abilities, which lowers opponents’ Attack stat due to being so terrifying to battle against.


Feraligatr is not a Pokemon to be taken lightly.Feraligatr is a large, strong, and intimidating Pokemon. It is known to open its powerful jaws, showing off its teeth, to intimidate foes. Known to be agile and fast, even with its size. It then clamps down on foes or prey before violently shaking its head to disorient them.


Resembling an eel, Huntail just looks absolutely horrifying. Huntail has pretty good Attack and Defense stats, with the intimidating factor coming from its appearance. Huntail is one evolution of Clamperl and is definitely the more vicious of the two, as Gorebyss is more elegant.

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