World Best Ak skins in free fire

Dragon AK

The beast of all is so powerful and has a deadly look. As the name says it’s the way it is dragon AK has got very good Damage and a good rate of fire which is the best for both short and long-range gunfights but Magazine not up to the mark is a small con in this AK. World Best Ak skins

World Best Ak skins
World Best Ak skins

Evil Pumpkin AK

Evil Pumpkin AK looks like a Halloween skin that is glowing bright and is radiant to see. It is a good dun to use as the Rate of Fire has a ‘+’ and Accuracy has got ‘++’ with range ‘-‘. Since the range is – it is not good at long ranges, when it comes to short-range it is really a good gun to use. Its damage is only good at short Range

Valentine’s AK

Valentine’s AK is a very colorful AK in free Fire. It depicts love as the gun is Pink in color with a blue shade to it. Pink heart bubbles keep emitting from it. As we can see that the accuracy has got a ‘++’ to it which means shots will smoother and effortless. Damage is ‘+’ which means it gives very good damage. But Magazine is ‘– ‘which is not up to the mark.


Ever imagined you would be taming a dragon skin in Free Fire? Well, if not then this is it. Free Fire is about to bring the most powerful and realistic AK skin that you have ever seen in the game. Apart from these, the gun also comes with an exclusive emote, exclusive kill animation, and more, all of which will be revealed as the Blue Flame Draco skin makes its way to the in-game item store.

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