World of Warships: Indian naval ship, INS Mysore, is making its way

Wargaming, the developers, have announced the inclusion of the legendary INS Mysore, which will be the first Indian naval ship of its kind to hit the game since it was launched in 2015. The MMO, free-to-play naval combat-themed game, World of Warships, will be getting a special addition to their roster of vessels. The award-winning MMO has over 200 million registered players and is, by far. World of Warships

World of Warships

One of the most popular naval combat games to hit the video game market. With World of Warships primarily being a game that focuses on strategy above anything else.

Players will be quite interested to know just what the INS Mysore is capable of.

INS Mysore makes its way

To those unaware, the INS Mysore was a Fiji-class cruiser commissioned to the Indian Navy in 1957. She was the second cruiser to be purchased by independent India and later served as the flagship for the western fleet. It was also the command ship for the raid on Karachi Harbor in 1971. She was once a part of the royal navy and served in World War II.

Under the name of HMS Nigeria. The game was already tailored for the Indian market.

As it includes historically accurate Indian content, USPs like localized pricing for Indian players.

Tri color-themed camouflage, and now an Indian naval ship. While the inclusion of the INS Mysore is an attempt at attracting more Indian players. When speaking on the launch of INS Mysore, Rajeev Girdhar.

European Publishing Director for World of Warships and India Operations Lead, said.

The addition of the INS Mysore in World of Warships will make the game more immersive.

For Indian audiences and help its player base grow even larger.

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