C1S1 Tier Rewards Pubg Mobile (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

PUBG Cycle1 Season1 Tier Rewards: Finally the cycle 1 season 1 tier rewards are here. In this article I will be sharing all the latest upcoming rewards for the all the ranks.

Stick to the end of the page and I will let you know everything which rank will get what in Cycle 1 Season 1. All the month one rewards are blue in color so it would be better to have everything of same color.

C1S1 Platinum Tier Reward

In C1S1 Tier Rewards Pubg mobile designed new stylish headgear for gamers. It is not a stylish mask but looks good on the blue outfit. You will be able to collect this mask by reaching the platinum tier.

C1S1 Gold Tier Reward Pubg Mobille

Here we have got an outfit set which looks gorgeous. Only the top part is available in Month 1 which is also in blue color. You can grab it by reaching Gold Tier.

C1S1 Diamond Tier Reward Pubg Mobile

This C1S1 AUG Skin Looks awesome I should say you must grab this. Reach the Diamond and grab this awesome skin of AUG.

C1S1 ace reward pubg mobile

Ace Parachute skin color matches with the diamond tier reward AUG skin and platinum tier reward Outfit. Ace parachute looks very nice. Players will be able to redeem by reaching Ace.

C1S1 Conqueror Reward Pubg

The New Frame for Month 1 is here and looks pretty with C1S1 printed on it. It has a golden texture. Congratulations Conqueror players for this amazing reward.

C1S1 Ace Dominator

This is a new kind of reward for players with ace tier. It has C1S1 printed on it with a golden frame around it. This looks pretty and will help you tk decorate your inventory.

These are all the tier rewards you will be getting in the C1S1 Month 1 reward. I hope this would be useful for you.

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